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I was watching Trading Places last night which brought back memories of being shocked and surprised by Jamie Lee Curtis' topless nude scene upon seeing it for the first time back in '83. I never thought homely Laurie Strode from 'Halloween" would ever bare her breasts, but there she was. My initial thought was "OMG! Laurie Strode's boobs!" It was very gratuitous, but she was certainly in really great shape at the time. I'm guessing it was a chance for her to break away from being typecast as the homely babysitter.

Have there been any nude scenes by actresses (or actors) that have surprised or shocked you? Someone who you found very unlikely to bare all on the silver screen or for a magazine?

Julie Andrews in SOB

OMG, Vanessa Redgrave, when she showed her butt--I think it was in that Tennessee Williams play she did. I so sorry I have that image in my mind.

JLC had a knockout body in Trading Places.

Olivia Colman in Confetti (2006)

Julianne Moore parading around with her big ole muff in "Short Cuts." This being a Robert Altman movie, there was, of course, no male nudity, which would have been icky.

Tatiana Manlany - Two Lovers and a Bear

Kimmy Robertson, whom I adored as Lucy the receptionist on Twin Peaks, when nude in some romping nudie film.

Queen Latifah went nude In 'Bessie'

Jodie Foster in Nell

I was shocked when I found out that Betty White had posed nude in her younger days. Would've never expected that.

Kathy Bates in "About Schmidt."

R9 Oh, Lord have mercy!

Kathy Bates in About Schmidt

Reese Witherspoon, Twilight (1999)

very nice tits

Carnie Wilson in Playboy. It was after she lost a lot of weight, but still....Lots of photoshop, corsets and strategically placed lingerie and fabric.

Chyna (wrestler/actress/reality star) is Playboy and porn. Even after all the surgeries she wasn't all that fem looking or attractive.

Grace Jones in Playboy and another nudie magazine. She was manly and had fried egg titties.

Playboy had a knack for making attractive women look bad or unsexy. See Tia Carrere and Kristy Swanson layouts for example.

[quote]Olivia Colman in Confetti (2006)

Well, if I weren't already gay ...

I for one did not want to see Sally Hawkins completely nude and masturbating in that "Shape of Water" movie. A dismaying surprise, because I like Sally Hawkins.

Olivia Colman: "Being naked on screen was the worst, then not getting work"

Meryl's boob flash in Silkwood was a shock.

Sally has done nude before The Shape of Water

Tom Cruise - All The Right Moves

R5 The OP said "unlikely," Julianne Moore has been naked in more movies than not.

Patti LuPone in Summer of Sam.

Helen Mirren

Movie: Love Ranch

seeing Mirren's whorehouse madame go nude at 65 with a co-star 30 years younger was shocking.

DL fave Sally Kirkland being cast in sexpot and nude roles in her 50s and 60s. The later ones were especially scary.

I have to admit I watched 'In The Heat Of Passion' several times because Sally was paired with the sexy Nick Corri (now known as Jsu Garcia).

Someone uploaded this bad erotic thriller on. Highlights include Sally getting eaten out while sitting on a TV (21 minutes in) and giving a bottle and handjob and seductively eating asparagus in a restaurant to try to turn Nick on (26 minutes in).

I never sank that low.

Judi Dench taking the twins out for a little air in the Balmoral Castle dance scene in "Victoria & Abdul." Did we really need to see that?

Helen Mirren ain’t no shocker. She was frequently nude in her early roles in the 70s and 80s. She loves getting her tits out still. Alison Brie from MadMen was nude in GLOW which was a little disorienting from her earlier role as Trudy Campbell.

I remember Judy Norton Taylor (the eldest girl from The Waltons) tried to shed her wholesome image by doing a nude spread in Playboy.

It shocked me a little seeing the actress who played Beth (Maggie's sister) do a topless scene in an episode of "Masters of Sex". She's so small and young looking it feels perverted, even though she's over 30.

Doreen from the Mickey Mouse Club!

Jaye P Morgan created quite a stir when she flashed her tits on The Gong Show.

Miss Barbara Stanwyck in her early days as a Ziegfeld girl....

Dody Goodman also posed nude when she was younger.

Julie Andrews in S.O.B.

As a kid I remember being pretty shocked upon first seeing Lynda Carter nude in "Celebrity Skin" magazine. These were stills from the movie "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw" that she made before becoming Wonder Woman.

[quote] Julianne Moore parading around with her big ole muff in "Short Cuts." This being a Robert Altman movie, there was, of course, no male nudity, which would have been icky.

Actually, R5, there was. Huey Lewis was shot having a piss. Unlike Moore, it's a brief scene and in a long shot, but his dick is out there, literally. But yes, even back in '93 it was looked at as a kind of a lip service made by Altman for the Moore's scene (which was disturbing, but in a good way - having this very casual, non sexual nudity was very poignant in that context).

This was the premier issue of Celebrity Skin Magazine. I first read about it in the newspaper and being curious about it because as a kid I only thought porn stars posed nude and was pretty shocked to see some of the celebrities whose names that appeared on the cover. I only knew of most of them from TV like Adrienne Barbeau and Suzanne Somers.

I remember getting a hard-on upon seeing this Burt Reynolds nude jigsaw puzzle at a local gift shop. He was a big star at the time and, again, the fact that he was bare-ass was a shocker. I'm pretty sure it was at that moment I knew I was gay.

Robert Altman and Huey Lewis both discussed in interviews when Short Cuts was released that Huey was wearing some sort of prosthetic dick.

R41 I believe it. Huey is hung like a horse and I would've expected to see a lot more than what was shown. You can see how big he is on the album cover "Fore."

R32 I still remember the headline from High Society Magazine: "Mouseketeer, Doreen, Bares Her Beaver!"

It was strange seeing Carol Kane playing a prostitute in The Last Detail after only being familiar with her later career.

Pearlie Mae auditioning for Hello Dolly

Diana Rigg and Keith Mitchell caused a sensation when they went full frontal for an extended love scene on Broadway in the early 1970s. The play was Abelard and Heloise and took place in the middle ages in a church or convent. Critic John Simon, who was notorious for belittling any physical shortcomings of actresses, wrote that Rigg had "insufficient flying buttresses."

Jack Lemmon showing his pruny ass in "Avanti"

R48, Simon's comment appeared in Rigg's collection of critical pans. Simon said "Rigg is built like a brick basilica with inadequate flying buttresses and suggests neither outstanding intellect or intense womanliness."

Rigg's book was titled "No Turn Unstoned."

R49, to keep in the subject, Avanti had a nude scene with Juliet Mills and Lemmon.

I know you're sorry you asked. Jessica Tandy.

Kim Kardashian has nothing on Kathy Bates booty.

Marianne Sägebrecht in Bagdad Cafe.

Yeardley Smith (voice of Lisa Simpson) - Ginger Ale Afternoon

Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet

My whole family gasped at Joanna Cassidy's tits in Blade Runner.

[R48] I saw that play in London, as an impressionable youth, and wow--I mean, nudity on the stage! Though the big scene, as I recall, was in the semi-darkness and very fast.....To this day I sometimes laugh when I think: I have seen Diana Riggs' bare butt!

Keith Michell [no "t" in his name] offered a glimpse of his rear end in Orson Welles' "Falstaff" too....He was kind of hunky and obviously didn't mind taking off his clothes for his art.

As for John Simon's critiques of actors' bodies....what a vile old piece of work he was.

Edie Faldo always looked like she had great tits on the Sopranos. That shot is extremely disappointing.

Sally Struthers was nude in "Five Easy Pieces"

SIssy Spacek fully nude in Prime Cut, her first film. A shock seeing it for the first time years later.

They're just boobs. Who gives a shit?

Bob Hoskins in "Mrs. Henderson Presents"

That is NOT Lucille Ball at r65.

Not so unlikely but Demi Moore's shaggy DA still gives me nightmares

That can not be real r69! Her pet guinea pig is merely resting on her crotch.

For anyone familiar with the ancient Aussie drama Prisoner Cell Block H - ancient Sheila Florance (AKA Lizzie Birdsworth) had a nude scene in a movie called A Woman's Tale which she made at the end of her life - it was a bathtub scene. Touching movie about a lonely, dying old lady which I saw in the cinema and have never come across anywhere again.

R70 I loved that actress and would like to see that movie. Apparently she was very good on it. Not at all like Lizzie Birdsworth!

Meg Ryan. Don't recall the title of the film she'd starred in where she was topless. No matter. My first thought upon viewing said scene: two fried eggs nailed to a board; my next thought: two fried eggs nailed to a board.

Lani O Grady from Eight is Enough

Actually, Diane Keaton in that shit chick flick.


[quote]Actually, Diane Keaton in that shit chick flick.

Looking for Mr. Goodbar? She was nude in that and coming immediately after Annie Hall quite a fuss was made about sweet Annie Hall "naked like a piece of meat" per the Time Magazine my parents subscribed to.

Now, if anyone has evidence of Olivia Newton John being nude in something I'll pass out.

[quote]Lani O Grady from Eight is Enough

Better her than Susan Richardson.

Like R70s, Dame Judi in the biopic of Iris Murdoch when she's losing her mind to Alzheimer's and they have to get her into the shower.

R76, no, no. (Goodbar as a chick flick?)

I'm thinking of the one she mad 8 or 10 years ago with that director of those shitty movies that also take place in Architectural Digest homes. (It was like the companion piece of It's Complicated.)

In fact, here was the house (the true star of the movie)--

R79 "Something's Gotta Give"

This thread is useless WITH pics.

Burgess Meredith for R81

[quote] Diane Keaton in that shit chick flick

I don't understand why people like R75 pretend not to know. He obviously knew but thought being coy was cute. A grown man-baby acting like a 12 year old girl.

Gena Rowlands had a topless scene in Gloria that was cut and never released.

I was pretty shocked when Leslie Bega from TV's "Head of the Class" did a full on fuck scene in The Sopranos.

R80, there you go!

I had to do a search. I unwillingly watched it during a flight (mostly with the sound off), but was surprised when they flashed Keaton nude.

Babs had some cute boobs!

Deborah Kerr -- "The Gypsy Moths"

Frances Bavier in the infamous "Opie Sees What He Can Never Unsee" episode of The Andy Griffith Show.

Faye Dunaway in Chinatown (topless).

Thanks for the throw up r90. I ate way too much pizza tonight.

I deserve a scolding from the Darfur Orphan.

Nancy Drew? Is that you?

Jessica Harper - Inserts

Deborah Kerr was stunning.

Glenda had a nice figure. Who knew?

Elizabeth McGovern in 'Ragtime'.

Mary Kay Place, Bound for Glory.

Shouldn't that be "Unbound for Glory"?

Jessica Harper was also topless in Pennies From Heaven.

You see even more of Glenda in "The Music Lovers".

R71 Shelia Florence is also in another film where she does nudity that has gone into totally obscurity: The Tale of Ruby Rose (1988).

R5 must have blocked out Huey Lewis's super-sized Coke can dick in Short Cuts.

Yet Raquel Welch's famous tits were always kept covered. (NO?)

None of the modern teen comedies would show their protagonist topless.

G's in The Big Chill

Emma Thompson in 'The Tall Guy'.

This is the least arousing thread of all time.

[quote] This is the least arousing thread of all time.

Because they're actresses, and actresses have to be rail thin.

With normal sized or even voluptuous women, this thread could have been a contender.

R62 Bras really must work wonders.

[quote]Jessica Harper was also topless in Pennies From Heaven.

And she had lipstick on her nipples.

Has anybody mentioned me & my mini flapjacks?

Meg Tilly - The Girl In A Swing.

I think it's the only one where a body double was not used for her.

Laurie Walters (Joanie from 8 is enough) was nude with Don Johnson in The Harrad Experiment.

Sandra posed for Playboy fully nude and she was briefly nude in her comedy special "Without you I'm Nothing". Maybe in another movie or two also.

She had an ugly face but her body was pretty nice back then.

The Lucy photo is authentic it was in one of her biographies. I don’t know why sissy spacek being nude would be a shock, did you see the opening scene in Carrie?

I think Julie Andrews in SOB was probably the most shocking, only because she'd made a name for being in mostly wholesome family films. I can't think of anyone like that these days.

The best actors will usually do nudity and not think much of it if it makes sense for the role.

Interesting that so many well known actresses have not attractive titties. It makes you understand that breast perfection isn't all that.

Jobeth Williams in "Teachers"

Beverly D’Angelo in the first Vacation film.

I remember Sigourney Weaver discussing gratuitous female nudity in films and bringing up this scene in particular. She wasn’t knocking Beverly at all and in fact praised her as an actress...she just didn’t see the point of having her be topless in the scene.

Goldie in “Best Friends”.

David Zayas in "Oz" A lot of the actors on the series did nude scenes but I was not expecting this. Nor would I have expected Luke Perry to show cock.

R125 well it kind of is necessary for that exchange:

Can I do your back? I already did my back. Can your front. Go do your own front :)

Love that btw. They snuck in some pretty subversive adult things into the first two Vacations, esp the first one.

Terri Thatcher and her boobs were pancakes. I thought it was odd that her director wanted her to expose them. A movie with Alec Baldwin.

Vanessa Redgrave was also nude in “Playing For Time” when the SS women forced the prisoners to strip and have their heads shaved. It was too harrowing to be even remotely sexual, in fact it just added to the ghastly horror of the movie.

R133 Heaven's Prisoners. What a terrible movie.

Any British (or other European) actress or actor getting their kit off is never really unlikely. It's pretty much par for the course.

What R136 said.

Anne Reid in The Mother.

I felt old when the little girl from The Nanny took a sexy role.

I thought Heavens Prisoners was a good book, the movie not so good. I still don't understand the nudity. After that, I imagine Hatcher got her boobs fixed.

Judi Dench already appeared topless back in 1961, in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. And Helen Mirren, of course appeared in 'Caligula' in some explicit scenes.

They're real, but not so spectacular.

Her face from Desperate Housewives era or so and on bothered me more than her saggy tits. She looks like cross between Michael Jackson and The Grinch.

I did always find the nudity in the first Vacation to be so out of left field. It was a different time then I guess. I remember boobs in the PG movies, too, like Sixteen Candles.

That's an unlikely topless appearance right there - tits in a PG movie. That used to always bug me. Same with R rated movies rated R for one or two f-bombs and one violent death or something. The ratings system seems to be based on how people feel from day to day.

Jason Preistly's ass scene in Calendar Girl.

J'ai vu les grosses fesses de Marina Vladi dans un emission sur le tele dans les annees 80s.

R146 est une crotte dans le bol à punch.

R138 She's also naked in the first episode of the Twin Peaks revival.

r141, holy crap, where's that from? definitely pre internet...polaroid from a disgruntled lover?

No r149. It's your photoshopped creation.

What about the Betty White photo upthread? Did she pose nude for realz?

Helen Hunt in The Sessions:

R151, Yes. There are plenty of vintage Betty White nudes online.

That's not Betty. The person resembles her a bit, but her looks didn't change that much over the years.

Betty was curvier, with bigger breasts.

Really r156? I hadn't noticed.

Juliet Mills in the Billy Wilder film, "Avanti"

The recently discovered Hepburn nudes are quite shocking. I'm not posting the one with the Doberman. You can find it yourselves.

One of my breasts is bigger than the other.

r159, did you know she had a long term relationship with Anton LaVey? She was actually quite evil, and I'm quite serious about that charge.

Jane Alexander walking out naked in front of the kid in Kramer Vs Kramer always threw me off. One because I never saw her as a sexual being and two cause it seemed like the ,pat embarrassing thing that can happen to someone hooking up with a single parent

That was JoBeth Williams R162.

Sorry 163 you're absolutely right. I was thinking of the other character. I brought up this scene because someone mentioned JoBeth up thread. Thank you!

A male example - Michael J. Fox flashed his butt in a film called (I think) "Greed".

It seemed pretty unexpected as he was still Marty McFly in the popular consciousness at the time.

The episode of Lady Dynamite where Maria Bamford was full frontal really threw me off. It was played for laughs but had the opposite effect on me.

Amanda Plummer in the creepy film "Butterfly Kiss". She had a heavy chain wrapped around her nude breasts. It was a weird film all-around. IIRC, she was a psychopathic lesbian serial killer.

R156, that's Betty in 1957. The nudes were supposedly taken in 1944, when she was 21.

The last shot looks a lot like her.

R168 - It indeed looks a lot like her, but I really don't think it's her.

It's a definite maybe. The expression is indeed very Betty White. Very ladylike, yet fun.

Those photos have been discussed ad nauseam, they were proven awhile ago not to be Betty,

Susan Dey in First Love was a big deal. But then she was naked in almost every movie that followed: Looker, Echo Park.

She still hasn't tweeted condolences about David Cassidy. That bitch!

Sissy Spacek in Carrie. Plug it up, plug it up. The VHS version was open-matted (i.e. more information at the top and bottom so nothing was lost on the side) and bush was on full display.

There was major photo manipulation going on in Belinda's Playboy layout. One of the tabloids posted a blind item at the time that a celeb had their head pasted on another models body (along with major retouching). Belinda seemingly confirmed this later on in an interview when she commented that after a friend seen her photo layout they said "I wish I had a butt like that" to which Belinda said she commented, "I do too!".

Lots of singers have tried posing nude in Playboy in attempts to revive their careers. Samantha Fox, Jody Watley, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, and most surprisingly as I mentioned earlier, Carnie Wilson (whose layout looked major photoshopped too).

Mia Farrow in A Wedding

Sudie Bond owns this thread.

Brooke Shields not only owns this thread, her mother approves it.

Freema Agyeman = Martha Jones from Doctor Who

Danielle Briesbois, the little girl from "Archie Bunker's Place", has grown up and done a couple of topless scenes.

Jane Darwell and Beulah Bondi

I was shocked when Madonna exposed her tits in Body of Evidence. Didn't see that coming.

I've never seen such small boobies on a woman.

R186, has Sally Struthers commented?

[quote]I was shocked when Madonna exposed her tits in Body of Evidence. Didn't see that coming.

Guess you hadn't seen all the nudes she posed for when she was 'poor'. They were out before Body of Evidence.

R181 What movie is that from?

[R184] Ellen Corby

see offsite link on


Damn, Ellen Corby was hot!!!!

Her nude photo wasn't bad, either.

Is there a thread like this for male actors?

Please show where it was proven the Betty white nudes weren’t her.

R195 you can post male actors as well.

I was quite shocked when I saw this scene in the theater. Giovanni Ribisi isn't talked about much these days but he was hot for awhile.

R189 women with small areolas look like they have man nipples on girl boobs

Alyssa Millano, especially given what we know of her today.

Jackie Kennedy had been caught nude

Barbara Hershey in Boxcar Bertha

R203 What's wrong with her breast?

R204, it's from The Entity and they are meant to show the ghost molesting her.

Lee Grant in When Ya Comin' Back, Red Ryder 1979. I saw it on cable as an early teenager and Marjoe Gortner rips her shirt open and shoves her around. I was so shocked because it was like seeing someone's mother being debased.

R113 I think Raquel Welch is pretty scrumptious in that shot.

r124, is that why JoBeth Williams' career never really took off? Those are barely mosquito bites.

Mary Steenburgen in ""Melvin and Howard". Stripping in Reno. Great scene, great movie.

What the hell's wrong with her hips? (Well, she's too skinny.)

As a lesbo, I like a fuller-figured (ie no hip bones poking out) lady.

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