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January 8: From the Collection of Jason Simon
January 14: Light Industry at MoMA: An Evening with Peggy Ahwesh
January 22: Peggy Ahwesh's She Puppet + Doris Wishman's Indecent Desires
February 16: Jonas Mekas's Walden: Diaries, Notes, and Sketches
February 19: Hugo Santiago's The Wolf of the West Coast introduced by Mariano Llinás
February 26: Edward Dmytryk's Give Us This Day aka Christ in Concrete
March 6: An Evening with Craig Baldwin
March 16: Light Industry at Metrograph: Doris Wishman's Bad Girls Go to Hell + Peggy Ahwesh and Keith Sanborn's The Deadman
March 19: Lewis Klahr's Engram Sepals
March 26: An Evening with Marilyn Nance and Al Santana
April 2: Patrick Keiller's The Dilapidated Dwelling
April 8: Bette Gordon's An Algorithm + JODI's All Wrongs Reversed ©1982
April 26: William E. Jones's Massillon + Fall into Ruin
April 27: Instant Failure: Polaroid's Polavision, 1977-1980 a lecture by Erika Balsom
April 28: Laida Lertxundi: Landscape Plus
May 7: Hannah Frank's Frame by Frame presented by Sam Frank
May 15: Jorge Jácome's Flores + Basma Alsharif's Ouroboros presented with Ellipsis
May 21: Jordan Belson + Donald Cammell's Demon Seed
May 28: Louis Massiah's The Bombing of Osage Avenue introduced by Hilton Als

Details on future shows coming soon.


Past Events


January 16: Jorge Sanjinés's The Secret Nation
January 23: Two Diptychs by Peter Thompson
January 30: Peter Emshwiller's Jr. Star Trek + Alex Bag's Untitled (Project for the Whitney Museum)
February 9: Charles Atlas's Hail the New Puritan introduced by Tobi Haslett
February 20: The Smoker: A Brief History of the Stag Film presented with Inpatient Press
February 28: An Evening with Walden
March 13: Dyke TV curated by Kelly Rakowski and Ainara Tiefenthäler
March 24: Light Industry Tenth Anniversary Benefit at Bridget Donahue
April 10: From the Collection of J. Hoberman: The Complete Works
April 21: Maurice Lemaître's Has the Film Already Started?
April 24: Hiroyuki Okiura's Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade introduced by Paige K. Bradley
May 8: From the Collection of Pearl Bowser curated by Ina Archer
May 15: Marziyeh Meshkini's The Day I Became a Woman introduced by Eliza Hittman
May 29: An Evening with Rhonda Lieberman
June 9: Steve Reinke's The Hundred Videos
June 14: Other Tongue: An Evening with NANG
July 10: Babette Mangolte's The Sky on Location
July 18: Muntadas's Credits + William E. Jones's Finished
July 23: Ogawa Shinsuke's Magino Village: A Tale introduced by Hara Kazuo
July 31: Robert Drew's On the Road with Duke Ellington + Thomas Reichman's Mingus introduced by Ephraim Asili
September 4: Animal Charm vs. Paper Rad
September 11: Seven Films by Renate Sami introduced by Robert Beavers
September 18: Uday Shankar's Kalpana introduced by Shai Heredia
September 26: Wakefield Poole's Take One
October 2: Nino Oxilia's Satanic Rhapsody introduced by Angela Dalle Vacche
October 13: Nelly Kaplan's A Very Curious Girl introduced by Laura Mulvey
October 16: Reconstructing the 1938 International Amateur Movie Show introduced by Charles Tepperman
October 17: Mani Kaul's Dhrupad introduced by Anjalika Sagar of The Otolith Group
October 20: Jean-Claude Rousseau's La Vallée close
October 30: Bright Signals a lecture by Susan Murray
November 13: Evgenii Bauer's The Dying Swan presented by Oksana Chefranova, Emily Coates, and Josiah McElheny
November 19: Cinema/Politics/Philosophy a lecture by Nico Baumbach
November 27: Julio García Espinosa's Third World, Third World War
December 11: Boris Barnet's By the Bluest of Seas introduced by A. S. Hamrah and presented with n+1
December 15-16: Light Industry at the Metrograph Holiday Film Book Fair
December 16: Henrik Galeen's The Student of Prague introduced by Charles Burnett


January 6-8: Peter Watkins's The Journey introduced by Rachael Rakes and Leo Goldsmith
January 17: Slatan Dudow's Kuhle Wampe, or Who Owns the World?
January 31: Masao Adachi's Female Student Guerrilla introduced by Go Hirasawa
February 7: David Larcher's Mare's Tail
February 14: Joris Ivens's The Spanish Earth + Frontier Films's Heart of Spain
February 22: Some American Feminists introduced by Margo Jefferson
March 7: Four Films by Richard P. Rogers presented by Jeremy Rossen
March 19: Carbon Life curated by Mary Helena Clark
March 21: Light Industry Benefit at Bridget Donahue
March 28: Helen Levitt's In the Street, Lionel Ngakane's Jemima + Johnny, and Djibril Diop Mambéty's The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun presented by Ashley Clark
April 11: Lyn Blumenthal and Kate Horsfield's Craig Owens: An Interview
April 18: Walter Heynowski and Gerhard Scheumann's The Laughing Man introduced by Eric Baudelaire
April 25: Su Friedrich's Sink or Swim + Michelle Citron's Daughter Rite
May 2: Mok Chiu-yu and Li Ching's Letter to the Young Intellectuals of Hong Kong + Vlado Kristl's Death to the Audience
May 23: Danny Lyon's El Otro Lado introduced by Max Nelson
June 13: William Raban's 2'45" + Dan Graham and Glenn Branca's Performance and Stage-Set Utilizing Two-Way Mirror and Video Time Delay
June 20: The Miners' Campaign Tapes
July 11: The Film Sense and the Painting Sense curated by Ann Reynolds
July 20: Jorge Bodanzky and Orlando Senna's Iracema introduced by Jonathas de Andrade
August 1: Jem Cohen and Peter Sillen's Benjamin Smoke
August 8: Thomas Harlan's Torre Bela
August 15: Anand Patwardhan's Prisoners of Conscience + Chandrasekhar Nair's The New Wave
September 13: Three Paintings by Josiah McElheny
September 13: A Straighter Kind of Hip a lecture by Felicity D. Scott
September 26: Filmmaker as Film Theorist: Brakhage, Deren, Frampton a lecture by P. Adams Sitney
October 10: A Ghost Town in Reverse: Films by Steve Polta
October 17: Against Riefenstahl introduced by J. Hoberman
October 22: From the Files of Police Squad! curated by Nellie Killian
October 31: Photographing a Ghost curated by Caroline Golum
November 7: On Twilight Arc a lecture by Jenny Perlin
November 14: René Allio's I, Pierre Rivière, Having Slaughtered My Mother, My Sister and My Brother...
November 20: Robinson Devor and Michael Guccione's Angelyne + George Cukor's It Should Happen to You introduced by Naomi Fry
November 28: Christine Choy's From Spikes to Spindles presented with Art Against Displacement
December 12: A Sleeping World presented by Joshua Gen Solondz


January 19: Three Notes by Saul Levine
January 26: Sharon Greytak's Weirded Out and Blown Away presented by Canaries
February 2: Lifestyle Porn, Part I curated by Gabriel Abrantes, Alexander Carver, Benjamin Crotty, and Daniel Schmidt
February 12: To Be Is to Be Updated: Wendy Hui Kyong Chun presented with Triple Canopy
February 23: Andrew Noren's Charmed Particles
March 9: A Conversation with Lynn Hershman Leeson
March 11: Light Industry Benefit at Galerie Buchholz
March 18: Pere Portabella's Cuadecuc, vampir introduced by Andrew Bujalski
March 22: D.W. Griffith's True Heart Susie
April 5: Tony Conrad's Paul Sharits: Prescription and Collapsed Temporality + Paul Sharits's Razor Blades
April 12: Black Audio Film Collective's Twilight City introduced by Tobi Haslett
May 10: Dotting the Eyes of Distortion
May 17: Amie Siegel: Ways of Seeing
May 24: Two Videos by Adrian Piper
June 7: Four Films by Will Hindle
June 13: Horace Ové's Pressure introduced by Ashley Clark
June 21: Artificial Darkness: An Obscure History of Modern Art and Media a lecture by Noam M. Elcott
June 28: Two Films by Lois Weber
July 5: Arthur Dong's Licensed to Kill introduced by Matt Wolf
July 12: Giovanni Pastrone's Cabiria
July 19: Eye and Ear Control: ESP-DISK' on Film curated by Brian Belovarac
August 16: Felix Finds a Way: Otto Messmer and Early Animation
August 23: Jesse Lerner's Ruins
August 30: Anti-Ethnography curated by Adam Khalil and Zack Khalil
September 6: Eric Saks's Forevermore: Biography of a Leach Lord introduced by Mike S. Ryan
September 12: Morgan Fisher's Phi Phenomenon + Newsreel's Community Control
September 19: An Evening with Douglas Crimp presented with Dancing Foxes Press
October 24: Hervé Guibert's Modesty, or Immodesty introduced by Bruce Hainley
October 31: Don Sharp's Psychomania + Kenneth Anger's Scorpio Rising
November 22: Projective Life: Lucy Ives + Ken Okiishi presented with The Song Cave
November 29: Robert Kramer's Ice
December 10: John Marshall's Pittsburgh Police Series presented with Metrograph


January 27: Workers Film and Photo League + Busby Berkeley
February 8: Living in the World: A Benefit for Joe Gibbons introduced by Tony Oursler
February 13: Gil J Wolman's L'anticoncept introduced by Kaira M. Cabañas
February 25: Three Films by Mark LaPore
March 17: Forcefield
March 24: Leslie Thornton's Adynata + Abigail Child's Mayhem
March 31: Edward Owens: Private Imaginings and Narrative Facts
April 4: The morning after experience design a lecture by Olia Lialina
April 7: John Schott and EJ Vaughn's America's Pop Collector: Robert C. Scull – Contemporary Art at Auction
April 12: Light Industry Benefit Art Auction at Off Vendome
April 21: OVERDUE: Thierry Zéno's Des morts + Stan Brakhage's The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes
April 28: Quality Television a screening and lecture by Martine Syms
May 4: An Evening with Carolee Schneemann
May 12: Berwick Street Collective's Nightcleaners introduced by Dan Kidner
May 26: Owen Land's A Film of Their 1973 Spring Tour Commissioned by Christian World Liberation Front of Berkeley, California + TVTV's Lord of the Universe
June 9: Mike Builds a Shelter presented by Michael Smith and Paul Slocum
June 23: Rosa von Praunheim's Tally Brown, New York introduced by Melissa Anderson
July 16: André Gide and Marc Allégret's Voyage au Congo introduced by Hilton Als
July 28: You Only Live Once: Production Takes from a Film in the Making + Noël Burch's Correction Please, or How We Got into Pictures
August 11: Jason Sato's Brothers + Norman Yonemoto and Nicholas Ursin's Second Campaign
August 18: Why Couldn't She Have Two Lives?
August 27: Chandigarh Is in India curated by Shanay Jhaveri
September 8: Four Films by David Lamelas
September 23: Bill Daniel's Who Is Bozo Texino?
September 29: Elliott Erwitt's Beauty Knows No Pain + Frederick Wiseman's Basic Training
October 13: William Wyler's The Big Country introduced by Vanessa Renwick
October 17: Dan Barnett's White Heart introduced by Scott MacDonald
November 10: Robert Fulton's Reality's Invisible introduced by Martin Beck
November 17: Lim on Lynch
November 24: Fred Tan's Split of the Spirit + Ben Rivers's Things
December 1: JoAnn Elam's Rape + Jennifer Montgomery's Home Avenue with a lecture by Johanna Fateman
December 8: Designers in Film: Goldsholl Design Associates curated by Amy Beste
December 9: An Evening with Andrea Fraser
December 15: Michel Auder + Rebekah Rutkoff: Sunsets and Other Stars


January 14: Derek Jarman's Caravaggio presented by Leo Bersani
January 23: Nineteen Films by Kurt Kren
January 31: Light Industry Benefit Art Auction at Maccarone
February 18: Jon Jost's Last Chants for a Slow Dance (Dead End)
February 22
: Robert Ashley's Perfect Lives introduced by Alex Waterman
March 8: Bill Douglas Trilogy
March 25: An Evening with Laida Lertxundi
March 27: Wild, Wild Beach introduced by Albert Serra
April 8: Alexander Dovzhenko's Poem of an Inland Sea
April 15: Five Films by Margaret Tait
April 19: Jean Vigo's Zero for Conduct + Abbas Kiarostami's Homework introduced by Sam Lewitt
April 29: Brian Frye: The Waste Books
May 13: Martín Rejtman and Federico León's Elementary Training for Actors + Lisandro Alonso's Untitled (Letter for Serra) introduced by Matías Piñeiro
May 18: Out of Alternatives presented by Common Practice New York and CCS Bard
May 27: Chromatic Modernisms: Color Cinema of the Silent Era a lecture by Joshua Yumibe
June 14: A Pedagogical Projection by J. Hoberman
June 17: Shumona Goel and Shai Heredia's I am micro + Kamal Swaroop's Om Dar Ba Dar
June 21: A Conversation with Jean-Pierre Gorin
July 8: Giuseppe Patroni Griffi's The Driver's Seat introduced by Eric Banks
July 22: Peter Tscherkassky's Outer Space + Karl Freund's Mad Love
August 2: Pier Paolo Pasolini's Outline of a Screenplay for a Film about Saint Paul (in the Form of Notes for a Production Director)
August 12: Radical Sex Education Films: San Francisco's Multi-Media Resource Center
August 19: George Kuchar's Secrets of the Shadow World presented with Primary Information
August 26: Maya Deren's A Study in Choreography for Camera + Sharon Lockhart's Goshogaoka
September 16: Gregory Markopoulos's Galaxie presented with The Visible Press
September 22: Persistence of Revision presented by Ross Lipman
September 30: William E. Jones's The Fall of Communism as Seen in Gay Pornography + Craig Baldwin's Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies under America
October 7: Kenneth Anger's Puce Moment + Alla Nazimova's Salomé
October 28: Kathy Acker and Alan Sondheim's Blue Tape
November 11: Penny Allen's Property introduced by Kelly Reichardt
November 18: Humphrey Jennings's Listen to Britain + Peter Watkins's The War Game
November 23: Scheerbartian Cinema from the Collection of Mr. Glass presented by Guy Maddin
December 2: Vincente Minnelli's I Dood It introduced by Gina Telaroli
December 9: Vaudeville Deluxe curated by Dennis Nyback


January 26: The American Serial: 1914-1944
January 29: Richard Kern's The Bitches + Abram Room's Bed and Sofa
February 5: Dan Graham's Minor Threat + Peter Adair's Holy Ghost People
February 9: Stan Brakhage's The Art of Vision introduced by P. Adams Sitney
February 17: Infermental presented by James Richards
February 19: Electronic Tonalities: The Film Scores of Louis and Bebe Barron a lecture by Geeta Dayal
February 26: Rob Tregenza's Talking to Strangers introduced by Matt Porterfield
March 12: Christopher Wilcha's The Target Shoots First introduced by Sasha Frere-Jones
March 19: Two Films by Marjorie Keller
March 26: Hollis Frampton's Poetic Justice + Beatrice Gibson's The Tiger's Mind
April 4: Studio des Ursulines: January 21, 1926 introduced by Noam M. Elcott
April 10: Nicole Védrès's Paris 1900 introduced by Luc Sante
April 16: Alice Childress's Wedding Band introduced by Hilton Als
April 23: Original Copies: The Limited Edition in Film and Video a lecture by Erika Balsom
April 30: Object Worshipping: Notes on Claes Oldenburg’s Films, or the Ballad of the Turning Woman
May 14: Augen: Super Ball and Ziggy Atem presented by C. Spencer Yeh
May 21: Dash Shaw + Bobby's Girl
May 23: Two Films by Charles Dekeukeleire
June 4: Michelle O'Marah's Valley Girl
June 11: Johan van der Keuken's The White Castle introduced by Peter Hutton
June 25: Three Films by James Scott curated by Jesse Pires
June 27: Carl Marzani and Union Films, 1946-1953 curated by Charles Musser
July 2: Anthony McCall and Andrew Tyndall's Argument
July 9: Leah Gilliam's Apeshit + Wesley Barry's The Creation of the Humanoids
July 16: Ray L. Birdwhistell's Microcultural Incidents in Ten Zoos + Asch and Chagnon's The Ax Fight
July 23: Roland Barthes in Montreal introduced by Yve-Alain Bois
July 30: Sarah Maldoror's Sambizanga
August 10: Radley Metzger's The Lickerish Quartet introduced by Dan Graham
August 15: Barbara Hammer's Audience + Cecilia Dougherty's Gay Tape: Butch and Femme
August 20: An Evening with Wayne Koestenbaum
August 27: Aleksandr Medvedkin's The New Moscow introduced by Juliet Koss
September 7: Three Videos by George Kuchar introduced by Aaron Flint Jamison
September 14: Asco’s No Movies: Glitter and Gangrene a lecture by C. Ondine Chavoya
September 24: An Evening with Grey Room
September 30: Electric Affinities: Close Up and Queer Modernism a lecture by Mal Ahern
October 6: Light Industry at Empire Drive-In: A Samuel Z. Arkoff Double Feature
October 8: Ernie Gehr's Signal—Germany on the Air and Side/Walk/Shuttle
October 15: Anand Patwardhan's Bombay: Our City introduced by Sukhdev Sandhu
October 19: Films by Derek Boshier curated by Alex Kitnick
October 22: Fluxus TV presented by Sven Lütticken
October 29: Beyond the Shot, Behind the Scene: The Old and the New a lecture by Devin Fore
November 5: Mary Ellen Bute: Abstronics
November 19: Yvonne Rainer's Lives of Performers introduced by Gregg Bordowitz
November 26: Carry on Talking a lecture by Felicity D. Scott
December 10: Jerome Hiler's In the Stone House + Nathaniel Dorsky's Hours for Jerome


January 24: Charles Atlas's Torse presented by Sam Frank and David Velasco
January 31: Yvonne Rainer's Kristina Talking Pictures
February 7: Jennifer Reeves's Chronic + Sadie Benning's Flat Is Beautiful
February 8: Trinh T. Minh-ha's Naked Spaces—Living Is Round
February 21: D.A. Pennebaker's Elizabeth and Mary presented with MoMA's Documentary Fortnight
February 26: Ogawa Shinsuke's Narita: The Peasants of the Second Fortress
March 10: Three Tapes by Carole Roussopoulos presented by Ridykeulous and Stuart Comer
March 13: Tony Buba's Lightning Over Braddock introduced by LaToya Ruby Frazier
April 11: Sara Gómez's De cierta manera
April 21: Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville's France/Tour/Detour/Two/Children
April 28: Thom Andersen and Noël Burch's Red Hollywood introduced by Lucy Raven
May 8: Scott Bartlett's OffOn + Kinji Fukasaku's The Green Slime
May 14: Andy Warhol's Paul Swan introduced by Douglas Crimp
June 9: Alberto Grifi and Massimo Sarchielli's Anna introduced by Dennis Lim
June 12: Michael Thomas's Meat Rack
June 23: Ed Pincus's Diaries (1971-76) introduced by Nicolas Rapold
June 26: An Evening with Cinenova
July 3: René Clair's The Crazy Ray + Robert Frank's C'est vrai
July 17: Shirley Clarke's The Cool World introduced by Amy Taubin
July 24: Nathaniel Dorsky + Susan Howe
August 26: For Chris Marker
September 9: Michael Snow's La Région centrale introduced by Chantal Akerman
September 18: Todd Haynes's Assassins: A Film Concerning Rimbaud + Todd Phillips's Hated: G.G. Allin and The Murder Junkies
September 25: Michael Almereyda's Another Girl Another Planet
October 8: Esfir Shub's The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty introduced by Hito Steyerl
October 12: Darmstadt/ISSUE Project Room at Light Industry: David Grubbs + Anthony McCall
October 16: James Benning's 11 x 14 introduced by Julie Ault
October 17-20: Light Industry Benefit Auction at Miguel Abreu Gallery
October 23: The Interface Effect a lecture by Alexander R. Galloway presented with Triple Canopy
November 13: Alexander Kluge's Artists Under the Big Top: Perplexed introduced by Gary Indiana
November 19: Tony Bicât's Skinflicker + Arthur Johns's Solarflares Burn for You presented by William Fowler
November 27: David Hall + Marlon Riggs


Couchsurfing (cont'd)

June 18/19: Light Industry at Dia:Chelsea
Anthony McCall's Long Film for Ambient Light presented with The Artist's Institute
June 26: Light Industry at Soloway
Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin's Chronicle of a Summer
August 11: Light Industry at the New Museum
This Is Marshall McLuhan: The Medium Is the Massage introduced by Alex Kitnick
August 23: Light Industry at Audio Visual Arts
Geeta Dutt: Playback
August 30: Light Industry at Film Forum
Black Audio Film Collective's Handsworth Songs
September 27: Light Industry at Simone Subal Gallery
Films by Constantin Brancusi, 1923-1939 presented by Phillipe-Alain Michaud
October 4: Light Industry at Cabinet
Oscar Micheaux's The Exile introduced by Martine Syms


January 6: Five Films by Joyce Wieland introduced by Emily Roysdon
January 12: Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen's Riddles of the Sphinx introduced by Emma Hedditch
January 19: Obedience presented by Zoe Beloff
January 26: Helsinki, Forever
February 9: Child Bride presented by Emma Brenner-Malin and Joshua Solondz
February 12: Perfumed Nightmare
February 16: Naomi Uman: The Ukrainian Time Machine
February 20: Impossible Geometries
February 23: Robert Gardner: 7 Fragments
March 2: Jeff Keen + White Zombie curated by Ben Rivers
March 9: Jon Moritsugu's Der Elvis + My Degeneration
March 16: Helke Sander's The All-Around Reduced Personality (aka Redupers) introduced by Yvonne Rainer
March 23: Harun Farocki's Images of the World and the Inscription of War
March 31: Jack Chambers' The Hart of London introduced by Carolee Schneemann
April 6: Doctor Who, and Cops with House Music presented by Paul Slocum
April 20: Videofreex curated by Dara Greenwald
April 27: Satisfaction: Consumption Art in Poland, 1973-1979 curated and introduced by £ukasz Ronduda
May 5: Two Films by Thomas Comerford
May 14-16: Light Industry at NO SOUL FOR SALE, Tate Modern
May 25: Chuck Jones's Duck Amuck + The Dziga Vertov Group's Wind from the East presented by Michael Chaiken
June 15: Movies with Roots in Hell curated by Jack Stevenson
June 18: In Collaboration: An Evening with Robert Fiore curated by William Smith
June 22: Barbara Rubin's Christmas on Earth + Angela Hans Scheirl, Ursula Pürrer, and Dietmar Schipek's Flaming Ears presented by A.K. Burns and A.L. Steiner
June 29: Edgar G. Ulmer's The Singing Blacksmith introduced by J. Hoberman
July 10: The Touching of Hands presented by Scott Treleaven
July 13: Onishi Kenji's A Burning Star
July 25: Michael Snow's Rameau's Nephew...
August 13: An Evening with Little Joe
August 20: Gordon Matta-Clark's Day's End + Arch Brown's Pier Groups introduced by Douglas Crimp
August 24: Hussein Kamal's Chitchat on the Nile introduced by Amy Sillman
August 31: Klaus vom Bruch's Das Schleyerband introduced by Redmond Entwistle
September 10: David Gatten's Secret History of the Dividing Line, A True Account in Nine Parts
September 14: Anthony Ramos: About Media presented with Electronic Arts Intermix
September 21: All That Heaven Allows curated by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus
September 28: Albert and David Maysles: Two Early Films presented by Albert Maysles
October 12: George Kuchar's The Devil's Cleavage
October 16: Home Movie Day
October 19: Anthony McCall, Claire Pajaczkowska, Andrew Tyndall, and Jane Weinstock's Sigmund Freud's Dora + Sarah Pucill's Backcomb introduced by Vivienne Dick
October 30: Line Describing a Cone and Related Films introduced by Anthony McCall


We crashed at our friends' places in November and December, organizing a series of events at like-minded venues across town while Light Industry relocated to its new space.

November 16: Light Industry at Anthology Film Archives
Stephanie Rothman Double Feature
November 22: Light Industry at PARTICIPANT INC
Morgan Fisher’s Standard Gauge + HC Potter’s Hellzapoppin’
November 30: Light Industry at BAM
Alexei Gherman's Khrustaliov, My Car! introduced by Kent Jones
December 7: Light Industry at Cleopatra’s
John MacKay on Dziga Vertov
December 15: Light Industry at ISSUE Project Room
Two Films by Warren Sonbert with readings by Charles Bernstein, Corrine Fitzpatrick, and Carla Harryman


January 6: Jeff Krulik: Nuggets
January 13: 17 hours of darkness (reflections on this place I call home) curated by Christina Battle
January 14: Curse and Blessing (Film and Filing Cabinet) presented by Jem Cohen
January 20: James Benning's Landscape Suicide
January 27: The Roh and the Cooked: Structural Film, Actionism, Paracinema presented by Branden W. Joseph
January 30: Hooded and Headless: An Erratic Survey of Anonymity in Recent Video and Life curated by Harry Dodge
February 10: Only in Darkness Is Your Shadow Clear a projection performance by Bruce McClure
February 15: Rites of Return presented by Jonathan Kahana, Liza Johnson, Julia Meltzer and David Thorne, and Michael Rakowitz
February 17: Winnipeg Babysitter curated and performed by Daniel Barrow
February 18: Made for TV: The Collected Works of Tom Rubnitz introduced by Charles Atlas
February 24: Jennet Thomas and Jim Trainor: Natural Selections
March 3: Theater of Code curated by Christiane Paul
March 10: Stormy Weather curated by Saul Levine and Rebecca Meyers
March 17: Return to LH6 curated by Ken Jacobs
March 25: τRξΔSVRΞ RθθM presented by Loshadka
March 31: Two Films by Klaus Wyborny introduced by Larry Gottheim
April 6: We Did It Ourselves! presented by Guthrie Lonergan
April 8: Time Batteries presented by David Joselit
April 14: Transfers: Three Works by Seth Price
April 21: M as in Maladie (Deleuze A-Z) presented by Chris Kraus and Laura Parnes
April 28: Touch Touch Touch Touch Feel curated by Abina Manning and Steve Reinke
May 6: Martha Rosler: The South Africa Tapes presented with Platform for Pedagogy
May 9: An Evening with Hara Kazuo
May 13: no comedy — no tragedy / no encore — no applause curated by Bob Nickas
May 18: Films by Kevin Jerome Everson
June 2: Disturbing History curated by Lauren Cornell and Hanne Mugaas
June 3: Lewis Klahr's Tales of the Forgotten Future
June 7: Utopia in Four Movements presented by Sam Green
June 16: The Speculative Frontier curated by Brel Froebe and Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa
June 23 - 28: Obvious Dimensions - Light Industry at X-initiative's NO SOUL FOR SALE
July 14: Lindsay Anderson's Is That All There Is? introduced by Luke Fowler
July 21: The T.A.M.I. Show introduced by Melissa Anderson
July 28: Dear Andy: A Secret Screening introduced by Matt Wolf
August 4: Allan King's Warrendale
August 11: V.I. Pudovkin's Mechanics of the Brain introduced by Annette Michelson
August 18: Susan Sontag's Promised Lands
August 25: The Doris Wishman Memorial Lecture: Eric Schaefer
September 1: Wakefield Poole's Bijou introduced by Eileen Myles
September 8: Lev Kuleshov's The Death Ray introduced by Keith Sanborn
September 12: Ulrike Ottinger's Taiga presented by Ginger Brooks Takahashi
September 15: Jonathan Horowitz
September 22: In Search of Sunn presented by Ed Halter
September 29: Peter Gidal's Close Up
October 8: Omnium-Gatherum curated by Jeremy Rossen
October 13: Lucky Dragons + Rose Lowder: A Benefit for Showpaper
October 20: Mouth Room curated by James Richards
October 21: An Evening with Bidoun and Semiotexte
October 27: New York Stories curated by Matt Keegan
November 4-8: Wang Bing: Crude Oil presented with Triple Canopy
November 10: Not a Futurist Film but a Film Without a Future: Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder with Ben Owen
November 17: Untitled Performances: Emma Hart and Benedict Drew
November 24: We Dig Repetition: Peter Roehr curated by Mark Webber
December 1: Casting presented by Marysia Lewandowska and Maria Lind
December 2: The Last Days of Immanuel Kant introduced by Richard Brody
December 9: Car Wreckers and Home Lovers: The Automobile in Silent Slapstick a lecture by Karen Beckman
December 15: Nostalgia Isn't What It Used to Be curated by Sharon Hayes and Brooke O'Harra


March 25: The Blazing World curated by Thomas Beard and Ed Halter
April 1: Fools! curated by Brian Frye and Bradley Eros
April 8: QQ More curated by Eddo Stern
April 15: We Melt Away (A Walking Picture Palace of Ice) curated by Mark McElhatten
April 22: The Way We Were (or: What Happened To Us?) curated by Jake Perlin
April 29: MTAA's Self-Selected Super Strs
May 6: Moving Fight Pictures presented by Dan Streible
May 7: Action News presented by Small Change
May 13: The Green Light and the Lone Rose curated by David Gatten
May 20: Films by Jennifer Reeves
May 27: Eyes Upside Down presented by P. Adams Sitney
June 3: Tuning a Deaf Ear curated by Peggy Ahwesh
June 10: No Idle Hands curated by Sabrina Gschwandtner
June 17: Coleen Fitzgibbon: Internal Systems curated by Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder
July 1: Half of the People Are Stoned and the Other Half Are Waiting for the Next Election curated by Nick Hallett
July 8: People Are Strange (When You're a Stranger) presented by Marisa Olson
July 15: Games by Mark Essen
July 22: Spectacle Spectacular curated by Ben Coonley and Michael Smith
July 29: outsite with the others curated by eteam
August 5: Content Producer presented by Cory Arcangel
August 19: ANIMANIMAL/MAMMAL/MANIMAL curated by Brel Froebe and Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa
August 26: Two Films by Fred Halsted presented by William E. Jones
September 2: Video Art and Film by K8 Hardy
September 9: Sax, Sex, Six, Sox, Sux curated by Rebecca Cleman
September 16: Peter Emmanuel Goldman's Echoes of Silence introduced by Jonas Mekas
September 23: Waiting for Godot in New Orleans: The bootleg video presented by Paul Chan
October 7: Come Softly - "Be Continuous Often" curated by Mark McElhatten
October 14: Crossroads: A Tribute to Bruce Conner
October 21: Genre Trouble curated by Su Friedrich
October 28: Far From Vietnam
October 31: It's Always Halloween presented by Jacob Ciocci
November 7: Films by Matt McCormick
November 9: Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet's Too Early, Too Late introduced by Pedro Costa
December 2: Hellfire and Rhinestones curated by Leah Churner
December 16: The Lollipop Generation presented by G.B. Jones

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